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10-Day Detox by Design

The #1 Guided Detox, Mindfulness and Meditation Program To Transform Your Health And Vitality!

Hi I'm Espen, Australian Ninja Warrior, Chiropractor And Longevitist And I'd Like To Invite YOU To Join Me For 10 Days Of Guided Detoxing, Mindfulness, and Meditation To Supercharge Your Health And Vitality - The Question Is,

Are You Ready To Detox?


Check Out The 10-day Guided Detox, Mindfulness And Meditation Program:
  • Day 1 - Preparation
  • Layer #1 Body and Mind - Starts Day 2
  • Layer #2 Body, Mind and Emotions - Starts Day 4
  • Layer #3 Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit - Starts Day 6
  • Layer #4 Complete Integration of the Body-Mind with Soul - Starts Day 8
  • Day 10 - Integration

You can choose to go all four (4) layers deep and apply all parts of the detox, or simply do the bits you feel like, and are able to do. Please use both intelligence and intuition when designing your detox but do not allow limiting beliefs to cloud your decision.

What you get:

  • Online Program Including Videos And Documents That Work On All Devices With
  • Daily Videos Holding You Accountable And Inspiring You Throughout
  • Nutrition and Life Mastery Plans
  • 10 Simple Steps To Abundant Health ebook
  • Dr Espen's Personal 10 Day Detox and Meal Plan
  • 20 Gluten Free Recipes
  • Super Food, Super Fit, Super YOU Exercise and Nutrition Program Specific For
  1. Super Weight loss
  2. Super Detox
  3. Super Anti-Aging
  4. Super Muscle And Fitness 
  • Guided Meditation Audio Program
  • Mindfulness And Law Of Attraction Program
  • Mindset and Self-development videos
  • Private "Ninja" Support Forum For Community Questions and Inspiration
  • Strategies For Long Term Success, Energy And Longevity
  • An Opportunity To Take Time To Give Back To Your Body And Your Mind - The Only Place Your Spirit Has To Live

And More!

I remember one early Monday morning when the doctor came to see me with bad news. He stood over my bed and looked me deep in the eyes before he said, “Espen, your infection is spreading rapidly. You now have a 50/50 chance of losing your right leg from the hip and down, and if the infection continues, it may start attacking your internal organs”

In that exact moment, similar to the feeling of calmness that came over me during my motorcycle crash, I knew without a shadow of a doubt that if I was to recover my health, it had to be up to me, and me alone. I always say “If it is to be, it’s up to me” so I ripped the IV out of my arm, left the hospital and decided to embark upon my own healing journey.

I am proud to say, that I have never looked back…
Whether you want to:
  • Detox Your Mind, Body And Emotions But Not Sure How
  • Unlock Optimal Health And Performance
  • Master Your Emotions
  • Feel Less Stressed And Experience More Joy
  • Boost Your Energy And Vibration
  • Break Free From The Unhealthy Habits holding Your Back
  • Master Your Mind Through The Power Of Meditation
  • Embody And Apply The Principles Of Love And Contribution
  • Tap Into A Higher Vibration of Love and Connection
  • Transform Negative Self-talk To An Attitude Of Gratitude
  • Reduce Stress
  • Learn The Newest Superfoods And Fitness Hacks For Super-Hero Results
  • Learn And Understand Natural Remedies And Detox Pillars To Cleanse Your Temple Including
  1. Intermittent Fasting
  2. Juice And Smoothie Cleanse Systems
  3. Hydro-colon therapy (colonics)
  4. Enemas and Internal Cleansing
  • Not Only Get Fit And Healthy, But To STAY FIT AND HEALTHY!
  • Boost Your Confidence And Learn Self-Love
Then The 10-Day Detox by Design Program Is For You!

When I started fully applying the power of organic nutrition and superfoods, meditation, essential nutrient supplementation, detox, prayer, mindset/mindfulness, and my daily exercise regime (that are in my online programs and live events, I managed to beat the infection! I truly believe to this day, hands down, that if I had stayed in the hospital, I might not have been around to share this story with you today… Now, I would like to pass on this science, art and philosophy of selfhealing, detox and personal power, to YOU!

You see given the right circumstance, lifestyle, mindset, nutrition and detox – Your body has an innate capacity to heal and regulate itself. Understanding this in itself, is truly transformational!

Everything you are about to learn, I have applied and used myself. There is not a single bit of advice, theory or science in your 10-Day Detox by Design program that I have not either completed and tested on myself, or recommended to my family and loved ones. Having almost died, I learned the hard way, and I can assure you that the advice given, is based on experience, research, as well as having been trailed and tested with extraordinary results. But remember, obtaining peak levels of health and vitality takes effort, patience, understanding and persistence and it might not be right for everyone. What you do with your life and health, is up to you… But, if you are ready to take your health and life to the next level – if you are ready to find out what really does work and what doesn’t work, then keep on reading…

I believe we are spirits expressed through human form, not the other way around. If this is true, then we all deserve to express our spirit in a vibrantly healthy body and peak potential human form! I believe life is too short to be tired and sick, don’t you?

Are You Ready To Detox Like A Ninja?